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Before you complete a profile, please provide the following information about your family. This information is used to help provide appropriate recommendations, about service providers and programs in your community, to your particular family.

You do not have to complete all of the information, and you are welcome to remain anonymous if you like, however your zip code is required. Rest assured that any information you provide will only be released to providers that you specifically release it to.

Families are encouraged to create a username and password so that you can return to the system to update your information, learn about new services, and take advantage of the personal success plan.

General Family Information
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You May Contact Me
Check this box if we may contact you for help in making this system more useful for you.
Notify Me About New Programs
Check this box if you want to receive automated emails when a new program or provider becomes available. Your information and email will remain anonymous, and you will only receive updates on the types of services you have expressed interest in.
Receive Program Broadcasts
Check this box to receive broadcast information from providers and programs. Broadcasts let you anonymously receive information from providers you add to your Success Plan. For example, you may receive an email when your library starts a new program, or if a doctor's waiting list status changes.
User Name And Password

If you would like to continue using your completed survey information to help find services for your family, you will need to enter a User Name and Password. By entering this information, you will be able to log into the system later, have your profile responses analyzed, and see lists of services and providers in your community to assist you and your family. If you choose not to create a User Name at this time, you can still use the system, however you may have to re-enter your information in the future.

Please select a unique User Name and a good password. A good password is one that is at least 6 characters long and not something easy for another person to guess. If you enter your email address above, we can send your password to you, if you forget it in the future.



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Using the Connections system is easy! Information you provide is mostly optional and used only to help match you up with programs and services.

System Flow Chart
  1. First you will create your account.
  2. Next you will be taken to the "My Profiles, Plan and Settings" page. From there, you can:
  3. Complete a Profile or Search for Programs using the Search Engine.
    1. Completing a Profile lets this system analyze your responses and suggest programs or services that you might not know were available. Profiles are a great way to get started.
    2. "Search For Programs" will help you find specific programs if you already know what types of services you are looking for.
  4. After your Search or Complete A Profile, you may "View Program Information" that may interest you.
  5. If you see one or more programs that look helpful to you, create a Success Plan! Your Plan is personal list of all the Programs you are interested in. You can edit and print, or add and remove Programs from your Plan any time you wish.

Let's Get Started!